Erectile Dysfunction

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What is rehabilitation of the corpora cavernosa?

Some patients will experience a temporary loss of their erection following surgery or trauma, which has compromised the nerves and vessels feeding the penis. The lack of spontaneous erections induces progressive damage to the chamber of the penis with deposition of scar tissue as no fresh blood is rushed into the chambers of the penis on a regular basis. Scar tissue formation is an irreversible process that produces penile shortening and weak erections.

Therefore, while the vessels and nerves feeding the penis regenerate, it is paramount to trigger erections on a regular basis in these patients in order to bring fresh blood full of nourishment into the chambers of the penis and therefore minimize the formation of scar tissue. 


How rehabilitation of the penis is performed?

Rehabilitation of the penis can be performed with oral medication, with injections or with the use of the vacuum pump. Rehabilitation can be usually started with oral medications while injections and the vacuum pump are indicated in patients who have not responded to oral medications.


How long should rehabilitation continue?

Rehabilitation should continue until full natural erections have been fully restored. If there is no recovery of natural erections, a long-term solution such as oral medications, injections, vacuum pump or penile prosthesis implantation should be considered.

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