Erectile Dysfunction

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What else is important to know about erectile dysfunction?

  • More than one third of men suffer from erectile dysfunction by the age of 50 and this prevalence increases of around 10% each decade. 
  • Although prevalence of erectile dysfunction increases progressively with age, impotence should not be seen ad an inevitable consequence of ageing, as adequate lifestyle and medications can help to reduce the risk of developing this problem 
  • With adequate treatment, tailored on the unique situation of each patient, impotence can be successfully treated in almost all patients

Why Choose Giulio

Giulio is a veteran surgeon with 15 years of experience in the field of Andrology and Reconstruction. He is also one of the largest penile prosthesis implanters in Europe, as well as the surgeon who performs the largest number of procedures for the correction of complex cases of Peyronie's disease. He has been invited to lecture and perform surgery in 21 different countries, in 6 different continents.


Penile prosthesis implants last year


Complex Andrological procedures every year


Phalloplasties over his career