Female To Male Transexual Surgery

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What is the radial artery phalloplasty?

It is a surgical technique that allows forming a penis using a free flap of skin and subcutaneous fat harvested from the non-dominant forearm and transferred to the pubic region with microsurgical techniques. This is the technique that we mainly use for total penile construction as it allows the creation of phallus of much more realistic appearance than any other technique available. This technique consents the surgeon to form a neourethra (=water pipe) inside the phallus to allow the patient to void from the tip of the phallus in a male urinal. Also the sensation of the phallus, both tactile and erogenous (sexual), achieved with this technique is far superior than the one obtained with any other surgical procedure. While the aesthetic outcome is fully satisfying, as the aspect of the phallus is very realistic, scarring at the level of the donor forearm represents the only minor drawback of the procedure. Over the years particular care has been paid to try to minimize the scarring at the level of the forearm and the scar is cosmetically acceptable in almost all patients.

In a recent published survey on patients who have undergone a radial artery phalloplasty, all patients retained the full function of the donor forearm and the vast majority of them were not bothered by the presence of a scar. The total procedure of penile construction with this technique is based on 3 consecutive stages, which are usually performed at 3 monthly intervals. During the first stage the phallus is formed and transferred to the pubic region; at this stage the patient still voids naturally. During the second stage uterus and ovaries are removed, the native urethra is connected to the one in the phallus to allow the patient to void standing, and the glans (head of the penis) is sculptured to make the phallus look more realistic. At this stage the vagina can be excised (removed) and the clitoris buried at patient’s request to form a realistic scrotum. The last stage involves the implantation of a penile prosthesis into the phallus to guarantee the rigidity necessary to engage in sexual activity.

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