Peyronie’s Disease

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Who is more likely to get Peyronie’s Disease?

Acquired penile curvature or Peyronie’s Disease is a relatively common condition as it affects around 10% of men. Although typically the peak of incidence is in the fifth and sixth decade of life, Peyronie’s Disease can potentially occur at any age and has been described even in adolescents. Usually in younger patients Peyronie’s Disease tends to be more aggressive in terms of size of the plaque and degree of deformity produced at the level of the penile shaft.

Potentially any male can develop Peyronie’s Disease at any age, although this condition is more likely to present in the fifth and sixth decade of life and in patients that present at least one of the known cardiovascular risk factors. 

Since there is a very strong correlation between Peyronie’s Disease and diffuse cardiovascular disease, patients presenting with Peyronie’s Disease should always be actively screened for the known cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

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