Penile Reconstruction & Phalloplasty

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Why penile reconstruction or phalloplasty is necessary?

There are various conditions in the male patient where penile reconstruction is required; the most common of these are partial and complete amputation of the penis. Penile tissue loss can be secondary to trauma or to elective surgical intervention to remove benign or malignant conditions of the penis.
Penile reconstruction becomes also necessary when the size of the penis is inadequate to allow the patient to engage in penetrative sexual activity. 

If the loss of tissue is partial, the penis can be reconstructed with the use of flaps or skin grafts. When most of the penile tissue is lost instead, the patient needs to undergo total penile reconstruction (phalloplasty).

Do I have a penile deformity?

If a trauma, a skin condition or previous surgery has produced a deformity of your penis, you should book a consultation with Mr Garaffa. Mr Garaffa is one of the leading experts in complex penile reconstruction and will be able to offer you an effective solution to restore adequate cosmesis and satisfactory function to your penis to allow you to resume sexual activity with confidence.

Why Choose Giulio

Giulio is a veteran surgeon with 15 years of experience in the field of Andrology and Reconstruction. He is also one of the largest penile prosthesis implanters in Europe, as well as the surgeon who performs the largest number of procedures for the correction of complex cases of Peyronie's disease. He has been invited to lecture and perform surgery in 21 different countries, in 6 different continents.


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