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What are the causes of male urethra strictures?

Male urethral stricture may be due to congenital (you are born with it) abnormalities or caused by trauma, surgery, degenerative skin disease or infections.

Hypospadias is the most common congenital malformation in which the urethral opening is not positioned on the tip of the penis but instead can be found somewhere on the bottom of the penile shaft. Since the urethra is frequently short and not elastic, during erection it causes the penis to bend downwards.

Any type of trauma to the urethra can cause a urethral stricture, as the elastic tissue that naturally surrounds the urethral tube is replaced by scar tissue, which by definition does not stretch and is stiff.

Sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea, are well known causes of urethral strictures.
The most frequent cause of urethral stricture is a degenerative skin disease of the genitalia known as Lichen sclerosus. The cause of Lichen Sclerosus, which is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, is still not well understood. Lichen sclerosus may involve any skin area but in most cases it affects the genitals. The skin and mucosa affected by Lichen Sclerosus tend to become progressively harder, thicker and less elastic. 

If the Lichen Sclerosus affects the glans (=the tip of the penis), the urethra is frequently involved and can appear narrowed.

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