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Which specialistic investigations are available in patients with urethral strictures?


It is a simple investigation that can be performed in the urological outpatient office. The patient is invited to urinate into a special container connected to a computer, which records the volume and velocity of the urine stream. No specific preparation of the patient is required to perform the test, except for a full bladder in order to urinate.


This exam is performed after the uroflowmetry to evaluate the urinary bladder volume to assess whether the patient is able to empty the bladder completely. The presence of urine in the bladder after voiding can be related to a urethral stricture.


This radiological investigation is carried out after the injection of dye in the lumen of the urethra.  Retrograde and voiding urethrography is the most basic and useful exam to assess the presence, position and length of a urethral stricture. This exam is necessary to adequately plan the surgical correction of the stricture. 


This procedure is performed in an operating room with the patient under local or general anaesthesia and consists in the introduction of a small camera into the urethra through the external meatus in order to visualize the urethral canal from the inside and inspect the stricture. 

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