Penile length restoration

Warning! This video contains highly graphic scenes of surgery.

Penile length restoration is a procedure that can be offered to selected patients simultaneously with penile prosthesis implantation.

It involves disassembling the penis into its components and restoring the length of the penis by dividing in a circumferential fashion the scarred corpora cavernosa. This will create a defect in the tunica that needs to be repaired with a graft.

This operation is very complex and allows restoring an average of 2 to 3 cm of penile length. It is called penile length restoration, as it can help to restore some of the penile length loss due to scarring, Peyronie’s Disease, priapism or trauma. This procedure does not allow gaining any extra length in patients who have not experienced penile shortening.

Even when performed by an experienced, large volume surgeon, complications are significantly higher than penile prosthesis implantation alone and are usually more severe.

This procedure should be therefore offered only to patients who have experienced such a significant loss of length to render penetrative sexual intercourse difficult or prohibitive.

Further details regarding this procedure can be found in the present article, where Mr Garaffa is one of the Authors.

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